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creates simple yet powerful programming solutions for web- and app-development




ArmA Remote Admin

ArmA Remote Admin has been made to allow experienced and unexperienced server operators to maintain their servers from anywhere, create scheduled restarts, administrator accounts and more
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ArmA ObfuSQF

Missionfile theft is common within ArmA. ObfuSQF sets an end to this. Easily obfuscate your missionfile and protect what's valuable to you.
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ArmA Scripts

Browse through our steadily expanding collection of unique scripts for your ArmA server, pick what you like and install them in minutes.
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What Makes Us Special


Used By Hundreds

Our products are being used by everyone ranging from amateurs to large communities. Benefit from our years of experience in web- and app-development.


Trusted Services

Your information is valuable, that's why we put a lot of effort into protecting your information.


Steadily Expanding

No time is spent doing nothing. Maverick Applications is steadily expanding with many more products to come.


Affordable Services

Costs will not hold you back from using our products. With affordable and fair pricing, we want to make everyone happy.


Help Us Improve

Help us improve our services by giving us feedback. If you are not happy with a product, do not hesitate to contact us, your opinion is valuable.



All Maverick Application products come with free support to ensure that everything works properly.


The most important questions answered


Why should I use Maverick Application products?

Maverick Applications products are build to be as easily accessible as possible. Clear instructions, fast support and simple interfaces make it possible.

Payment Methods

Our products can easily be purchased through PayPal. Transactions are automatically handled and you instantly receive access to your purchased products.


How do I get support?

Support is handled through our simple ticket system available here. Tickets are answered within the same day*, it's simple and free.
*If created before 8pm GMT+1 of that day.


I need something custom done!

Custom software is as easily obtainable as our ready-to-use products. Simply head over to our support page and open a ticket, explain what you need and we will contact you as soon as possible!